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811, also known as Info-Santé or Info-Social, is a phone consultation service that provides Quebecers with quick access to health advice from professionals. This free service can help prevent long waits in the ER or unnecessary visits to clinics. Additionally, 811 offers support for those experiencing psychosocial issues.

Quick and Helpful, But Not a Cure-All

Calls to the 811 consultation service typically last less than thirty minutes. During the call, the nurse or psychosocial intervention worker will ask for general personal information such as your name, birth date, phone number, and postal code. If you prefer, you can use the service anonymously by informing the professional of your preference, allowing the consultation to proceed without any discomfort.

The professionals aim to answer your questions and provide advice on what steps to take next or where to seek further assistance. They can direct you to the nearest relevant services, which may include clinics, specialized services, or emergency departments. However, you may still need to wait for an in-person consultation.

Professionals Equipped to Handle a Wide Range of Issues

Nurses at 811 can address a variety of health concerns, including infections, viruses, physical issues, and minor injuries. They can guide you on which treatments to use and how to administer them, and provide quick, valuable help with medication questions. These health professionals are equipped to assist people of all ages, including children, teenagers, and adults.

Psychosocial intervention workers are available to support individuals dealing with anxiety, violence, grief, and other conditions requiring their expertise. If deemed necessary, they can arrange for an in-person intervention or ongoing monitoring.

While 811 is a convenient way to find solutions to some health problems, it is most effective for minor issues. The service does not replace a doctor’s ability to perform a physical examination and provide a diagnosis.

Available 24/7 Across Quebec

811 is a bilingual phone consultation service available 24/7 throughout most of Quebec, excluding the Cree Territory of James Bay and Nunavik. Professionals are ready around the clock, every day of the year, to offer advice and guide you to the most appropriate resources for resolving your issues.

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