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Are you looking to access Doctr's healthcare coordination services without incurring any costs? Here's how you can leverage your employer's wellness spending account and suggest Doctr as a valuable employee benefit.

1. Use Your Wellness Spending Account Provided by Your Employer

Doctr's service is recognized by most wellness spending accounts offered by employers. If you find that your expense for Doctr's services is rejected, don't worry. We've made the process of seeking assistance straightforward. Simply fill out this form, and we will do our best to help you resolve the issue.

2. Suggest Your Employer to Offer Doctr as an Employee Benefit

If your employer doesn't currently offer care coordination as a benefit, you can take the initiative to suggest that they include Doctr in their employee benefits package. Informing your employer about the advantages of Doctr can help enhance the overall well-being and productivity of their workforce. You can guide them to the Employer page for more information on how to integrate Doctr into their benefits offerings.

By advocating for Doctr and utilizing available wellness spending accounts, you can enjoy the benefits of efficient healthcare coordination without additional expenses. Take these steps today to optimize your healthcare experience with Doctr.

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